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Decorating with the newest patterns

Aaaaaaand we’re back! Happy new year everyone! After a nice holiday hiatus we’re back at it and schoolin’ y’all for the One-Five.

Today, a couple of patterns to know about that are currently pretty ubiquitous for man-cave decoration (well not so much man-cave as it is gender-neutral-cave for those of you are wifeyed up like me).


“You mean like the oil company?” Yes and no young grasshopper. Yes, the Chevron oil company uses the chevron pattern. No, the Chevron oil company probably didn’t invent it.

Chevron involves alternating peaks and valleys in a zig zag formation.

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Chevron as a rug
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Chevron as curtains
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Chevron as wallpaper

Moroccan print

There’s a lot of variation when it comes to Moroccan print patterns. In general, they’re patterns of skinny and curvy areas, where the skinny area creates the curve for the lines next to it and vice versa. The actual shape of the pattern can be curvy, boxy, star shaped, etc.

Moroccan print as a rug
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Moroccan print lamp shade
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Moroccan print curtains
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