Corduroys: the essential winter pants

1 Mar

You must be getting tired of wearing the same old blue jeans by now right? Yeah, yeah they’re all worn out and ripping so now you think they’re cool right? Well maybe you’re right. But you should probably branch out from blue-jean-purgatory into some nice classic brown cords.

The texture of cords will provide you some nice warmth during those (not so cold) DC winters.

Check out these vintage cords from J Crew for $75.

For your very first pair of cords go for a deeper reddish brown hue (not chocolate brown, but not khaki either). This color will go with virtually anything in your winter wardrobe, even black sweaters.

If you want to  go even further then you can explore other colors in this order: grey, lighter brown (khaki), blue.

Here are similar looking cords from Bonobos for $98.

And for the budget conscious, here's a great option from Target for a fraction of the price at $25.


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