Timex Weekender Watch

Almost spring/summer time! Among many reasons, warm weather is great because it means you can start having some more fun with your style. The Timex weekender watch has been a resilient watch design for decades. It’ll allow you to really customize your look because the straps are inter-changeable.

Here are three different watch face styles in gray, black, and white. I recommend the white since they’ll pretty much go with any color you’re wearing.

While the watch faces are relatively limited to what you see, the real focus is on the straps! There are tons of different watch straps out there that will fit the Timex Weekender. There’s even a great after-market for the watch straps that you can tap into. For instance, just do some searching on eBay and you’ll find a ton of straps in various materials, colors, and designs for a fraction of the price compared to the actual Timex straps.

These watches are great for everyday use and casual events such as barbecues, happy hours, or even a day at the beach.


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