The Humn Wallet

The Humn wallet is an interesting new design in the www (wide world of wallets). It’s a versatile little bugger. Features include:

  • Styling in carbon fiber or aluminum, so that means it’s durable! Aluminum comes in different colors
  • Configuration. You can use one plate as a money clip, or two plates similar to a traditional wallet
  • Thin, thin thin! You should only be carrying a few things in your wallet anyway (driver’s license, insurance card, a couple of credit cards, and a couple of business cards). So why get a bulky leather wallet that’s just going to take up more space? Gone are the days of the George Costanza wallet.
  • RFID protection. This is becoming more and more important as more RFID chips (and therefore RFID identity theft) become more prevalent.

This should hopefully be the last wallet you need.

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