DNA ancestry artwork


Talk about personalized art! Your ancestry meets your smart phone with these DNA Ancestry Portraits by DNA11. How it works according to their web site:

  • We collect your DNA using a painless cheek swab (or we can use an existing ancestry test if you have one).
  • We sequence your DNA to determine your mt DNA Haplogroup. This group represents your maternal ancestry.
  • Your sequenced DNA gives us a string of numbers and letters that represent gene sequences. This string of letters and numbers is combined with your personal serial number to create a unique website address.
  • Your unique web address is programmed into a 2D barcode generator.
  • Your unique 2D barcode is transformed into a custom canvas using your selected color choices.
  • A personalized website is created that links to your custom 2D barcode artwork.
  • Scanning your personal 2D barcode will direct you to your unique ancestry page on DNA11.com.
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