How to go sockless


It’s warm in DC! And in other places too! That means it’s time for sockless season.

Now that doesn’t mean you should be walking around in your old gym sneakers leaving a scent trail for any bloodhound to track you down. There are hygienic ways to go sockless.

First off, the best shoes to pull off this look are casual loafers or even dress shoes if you’re really bold. No going sockless with sneakers. For sneakers go with some ankle socks.

Also, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s before Memorial day and you shouldn’t be going sockless or wearing white so early. The origins of that rule are merely guidelines to state that when it’s still cold you shouldn’t be wearing such spring-like colors. Global warming is a game-changer folks! Now it gets warm way earlier (especially in DC) so if it’s 60 plus then I say go for it!

Method 1: Powder

What’s the purpose of socks? To absorb sweat and keep your shoes nice and fresh. That’s what medicated foot powder does!

Just sprinkle some of this good stuff all over your feet, or just spray some into your shoe and you’re good to go for a while.

Method 2: Loafer Socks

Ok so if you’re really uncomfortable with going completely sockless at least invest in these loafer socks. They’re so low cut that they shouldn’t show at all under your shoes.


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