The knitted tie

It’s casual, it’s, it’s semi-formal. it’s a chameleon! The knitted tie is an extremely versatile piece of your tie arsenal. You can dress it up with a suit (although it’s still not super-formal so only wear it for semi-formal events at the most) or you can dress it down with jeans. It’s really good year-round however it shines in the spring and summer when some other types of ties just won’t work (wool or flannel for example).

Start off with the basic solids like black (year-round), and a brown (autumn), and then work your way up to more fun spring colors and other patterns.

Pretty much all knitted ties you’ll find will be skinny so if you’re pairing them with suits remember to go with slimmer cuts. You can also dress them down with a button-down shirt, jeans, a cardigan, and sneakers so feel free to take some liberties there as well. And of course, remember that tie-clip!

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