The driving loafer – the most versatile shoes you’ve got


If you’re anything like me you’re hittin up lots of different bars on a Friday or Saturday. You’re starting out at a rooftop with a great happy hour deal like Zabb, maybe getting a nice dinner at Urbana, then capping off the rest of the evening at Eighteenth Street Lounge. Now you’re probably thinking “Damn that’s how you roll?”, but if you’re thinking like me you’re thinking “Damn, what kind of shoe do I wear?”.

Enter the driving loafer.

It’s casual enough to be worn with jeans and a t-shirt. You can wear it sockless when it’s warm, or you can dress it up with some fun socks in the cold. And it’s just dressy enough to get into fancy clubs that prohibit sneakers. It’s truly the Michaelangelo of shoes!

Start off with the basics: a black pair and a brown pair made of leather. Then you can build up your collection with suede and other fun colors.

Fun fact: Although not all driving loafers have them anymore, the driving loafer is named as such because of the treads that extend from the sole up through the back of the heel. This provides some more comfortable traction when the back of your heel is rocking back and forth as you accelerate/decelerate in your car.

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