The slimmest wallet ever

UPDATE 6/12/2012 – Don’t buy this wallet. It’s slim alright, but kinda big. Also, it’s strong but it’s just still paper so it’ll start looking beat up almost immediately after being in your pocket. Disappointed! Ah well the search for a slim wallet goes on.

I see it everywhere… Costanza wallet syndrome. Some guys should be carrying a man-purse (European carry-all?) just to carry those big-ass wallets.

Whether you carry your wallet in your front pocket or your back pocket, the key is to not let it disrupt the lines of your pants. A wallet bulge is not sexy. A cell phone bulge is not sexy. I suppose depending on your tastes a real bulge can be sexy?

We’ve shown you other wallet alternatives before, but this is more of a classic folding wallet. For only $20 you can have a damn slim wallet, the Slimfold wallet:

SlimFold wallets are thin, light, and super-strong. They’re made in California from Tyvek: the ultra rip-resistant FedEx mailing envelope material. 

I became obsessed with finding a wallet that was thin enough to go in my front pocket along with an iPhone without creating a big bulge. By arranging the cards next to each other, the thickness is cut in half! I refined the wallet by creating over 100 prototypes, learning to sew in the process.

Once the final wallet and patterns were ready, they were produced at a local printer with the special press needed to print on Tyvek. The ink is earth-friendly zero VOC and the process itself uses no water. The sewing is also completed locally by a professional seamstress on industrial equipment. I’m really happy with the quality of the wallet and I hope you give it a try.

  1. I purchased one of these Tyvek wallets a few years ago. It was not sewn – instead glued, and the seams came apart after about two months. I think I need one of these new, durable ones. The material is indestructible and waterproof, since some saturday nights get wetter than others.

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