Isle of Jura 10 year Scotch review

There’s really not much to say about Isle of Jura 10 year aged Scotch whisky. There’s really not much to say because it’s really not taking many risks, and neither is it getting many rewards. It’s a light enough whisky to mix drinks with. It might be better served in whiskey based drinks than drank straight.

Verdict: I’ve certainly had better Scotch whiskys, and I’ve even had better from Isle of Jura themselves. Not something I’d buy again.

To The Eye

Honey colored (your average honey, not the dark stuff). It’s not too dark which is expected due to the lack of aging.

To The Nose

A little sour, floral, and smells a little like a Riesling or Gewurtraminer

To The Tongue

Slightly irony or tinny. Not sweet, not very peaty either, but a tad salty (indicative of the sea water surrounding the Isle of Jura itself). It actually doesn’t taste very much aged at all.

To The End

Slightly lingering spice, slightly coffee-like aftertaste. The aftertaste definitely tastes consistent with the lack of aging.

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