Three types of hats you can wear right now

Besides the obvious baseball caps, Santa hats, and sombreros in your closet you may want to invest in some other lids to get your swag on. But first you need to know what’s out there. Here are six styles of hats that you can be wearing right now to give you that extra edge around town. Oh and if you don’t think you look good in hats, the owner of a hat store once told me that it’s just that you gotta get used to seeing yourself in one. Give it a chance!

Flat cap

Many commonly know this hat as a driving cap. I know it as awesome. The flat cap should not be confused with the ascot cap which has a hard top.


It’s not just for musicians anymore! The pork pie’s shape is ovular with a rim of even height that goes all the way around. Depending on the style, it can have a cloth ribbon around the base.


This hat is commonly (yet mistakenly) referred to as a fedora. The key feature of the trilby is the fact that the rim faces downward in front and flips upward in the back.

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