The Tie Thing

I know, it sounds like a bad sartorial horror flick right? Ties going around strangling people, with the aim of global domination? That’s actually not a terrible idea, but I’ll stick with blogging for now.

No the tie thing is actually a clever little way of making sure your tie isn’t flailing around (and you know I hate flailing!). Of course one way to accomplish this is the tie clip, but if you don’t love the look of tie clips (which would be plain crazy) you can try out the tie thing.

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Simply put, the tie thing is a piece of fabric that connects on either end to a shirt button and goes through the label loop on the back of your tie. Flailing be damned! It comes in several different colors, but honestly the color doesn’t really matter because the tie will be hiding the tie thing most of the time. For $3.75 you really can’t go wrong.

And for yet another option to prevent flailing here’s how to use a paper clip to simulate exactly what the tie thing does.

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