The Weekender Bag

Believe it or not, but that backpack you’ve been toting around since college just isn’t gonna cut it anymore. You need a proper weekend bag. One that fits just enough stuff for a two night stay. That means: toiletries, underwear, shirts, pants, socks, and maybe an extra pair of shoes. Walk in with a nice weekender bag and that special someone you’re visiting will notice. Walk in with that ratty old backpack and they’ll run for cover.

Check out this bag from the Land’s End Canvas collection. It’s a perfect weekend bag for the summer because of its canvas material and its color (don’t worry, you CAN pull it off!). And it’s on sale today for $60 down from $150!  For an extra $6 you can get it monogrammed. I placed my order last night. Can’t wait to go weekending.

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