The Racing Watch

Tag Heuer Carrera
Oris F1
Omega Speedmaster

It’s not exactly a watch for EVERY occasion but it’ll work in most. The racing watch actually does go beyond form and into function, but unless you’re drag racing you probably won’t actually use those bells and whistles. But hey that’s not why you own a watch anyway right?

Notice the commonalities in all of the racing watches pictured above. I’ve picked out some watches here with some of my favorite features. These three all have tachymeters on the bezel, all three have chronographs, and have perforated leather or rubber straps. None of these features are exactly needed to be called a racing watch, but I think combined they make a very distinctive look that screams “my eyeballs are going to be in the back of my head in a second”, even if you’re only driving a Hyundai or something. Not to mention how they definitely complete the look when I’m on my motorcycle.

The great thing about these watches is their versatility. You can wear it to a barbecue, you can wear it to work every day, and you can dress it up with a suit. But obviously don’t wear it in a pool if it’s got a leather strap. The only time I wouldn’t wear it is in the absolutely most formal of occasions. Anything where you’re wearing a tuxedo for example demands a much more subtle and classic look. But you’ll  turn heads everywhere else!


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