Shoes trees


You want to protect your investments don’t you? Well while your financial portfolio is tanking, you can at least protect your dress shoe game.

What do shoe trees do?

Shoe trees have a dual purpose:

  1. Keep your shoes fresh
    The best types of shoe trees to get are ones made of cedar wood. Cedar is naturally resistant to fungus and will help maintain the moisture inside your shoe, so as soon as you take those puppies off stick your shoe tree in. Also, cedar’s sweet and woody scent will help overcome any funkiness that may otherwise develop. Although if you’re traveling then go with some light plastic shoe trees to make it easier on yourself.
  2. Maintain the shape of your shoes
    Through normal wear and tear your shoes take on natural creases where your toes bend. While this is expected, if the creases permanently bend the shape of the shoe it just makes your shoe look old and dilapidated. Assuming your shoes are leather, shoe trees can really help retain the original shape of the shoe much longer. Through springs they push the shoe outward from the inside, bringing it back to the original shape.

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