Molton Brown black pepper body wash

If you’re like me then you love to smell good. And hopefully you’re all like me. Cologne will certainly do the job, but you can’t cover your entire body in cologne. I mean you can but isn’t that called a French shower? Plus people will smell you from a mile away, which is a real problem if you’re a spy.

So an investment in a really nice body wash is well worth it. Besides price (obviously) there’s really two differences between a $30 body wash and a $5 one: unique scents and longevity.

If you’ve tested out the dozens of body washes in your supermarket you know that it’s really hard to find something that really stands out. Sure there’s some diversity, but most don’t smell very different from the deodorant you use or the detergent you use in the washing machine. Molton Brown’s black pepper body wash is pretty stinkin (ha!) unique. As you might expect it’s got a pretty rich and spicy scent to it. Its scent is an eye opener, whether you’re using it in the morning or right before hitting the clubs. The side-benefit is that it’s so fragrant that it makes my whole bathroom smell of it! Instant air freshener… woot!

The other consideration is longevity. It’s akin to the difference between a real brand name cologne and one of those knock-offs that say “Smells like so and so”. The knock-offs last an hour or two, but the good stuff will go the whole day. The same is true with the Molton Brown body wash. I was still able to detect the scent on myself well into the evening.

It’s somewhat difficult to invest in a $30 body wash though (about $40 shipped incl tax). So really what I’ve been doing is using the good stuff on days when I’ve got to look and feel my best (social events, work presentations, dates). Mostly I’m using my tried and true body wash: Old Spice Denali. It’s got a fresh mountain air scent to it. It’s a great everyday body wash and inexpensive to boot. But that’s what makes days that I use the Molton Brown body wash that much more awesome!

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