When to use V-neck vs. Crew neck undershirts

Gentlemen, this is a really simple style rule. Yet everyday I see a violator. But don’t worry fellas, Mens Life DC to the rescue.

Believe it or not there are occasions where one type of undershirt is more appropriate than the other. When all else fails remember: NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR UNDERSHIRT

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that v-necks work all the time either. Sit back while and relax while your mind is blown…

  • If you’ve got buttons at the top of your shirt (a button-down or a polo) and you’ve got the top button undone then you wear a v-neck.
  • If you’re wearing a shirt where the top button is buttoned then you wear a crew neck, especially if your shirt is white and somewhat see-through.
  • If you’re wearing a t-shirt and you’re a sweaty beast, then match the neck of the undershirt to the neck of the t-shirt.

You might be asking “what about wife-beaters?”. Well they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Yuk yuk yuk. No but honestly I don’t find wife-beaters that useful at all. Unless you somehow don’t sweat from your arm pits. In which case you should donate your body to science.

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