Mission Workshop Arkiv back pack


If you’ve got a bike or a motorcycle and your cargo tends to change up on you then this is the back pack you need. The Arkiv back pack from Mission Workshop (American made, woo hoo!) is a modular system allowing you to choose which components you want to add onto the base pack. It has an ingenious system of nylon “rails” that add-on components velcro onto. All the components come in three colors: black, grey, and khaki (waxed canvas for extra $). And the best feature of all… it’s fully weather proof! Perfect for all the unpredictable rain we’ve gotten this summer.

Depending on what you’re hauling you may not need many of the components. Even the small size is pretty large for my 5′ 7″  frame. I can’t imagine what the large would look like on me. The basic pack is essentially one large bag with a small zipper component. So if you’re looking to partition your items you’ll need to get the add-ons. While a larger work laptop will fit in the basic pack fine, I purchased the folio to hold smaller items like notebooks, my tablet, gym accessories, etc. For me that’s more than sufficient. But for convenience I think the utility/cell pocket makes a lot of sense too so you don’t have to reach around yourself to get a cell phone out.

A little pricey at $209 to start, but this is serious (and durable) storage we’re talking about here.

Check out the demo video below.

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