Cigar aficionado notebook

Cigar aficionados of the world rejoice. Similar to the the previously reviewed wine journals now there is a notebook dedicated to recording your cigar reviews. You can record all sorts of data like country, length, manufacturer, etc. and review the actual taste of the cigar itself with a star rating system and other data. But the best part… you can preserve the paper ring around the cigar within the book itself!

Red Auerbach would be proud.


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  1. Reblogged this on Mr Cigar and commented:
    How good is this? You pursue this kind of journalling when you are super serious about your cigars. I really like the way the book provides a space to stick the band in.
    I could quite easily find myself going down this route, not to write about the cigars, per se, but to have a place to stick the bands and date it as a record of the cigars I have smoked.

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