Wellington rain boots

After the horrendous morning I had today trying to catch a 42, 43, or L2 bus that would get me down to Farragut Square I looked down to find shoes and slacks… well a lot damper than usual to say the least. In other words, Mother Nature took a big piss on me this morning.

My cheap (yet huge) umbrella that I bought from a street vendor at Farragut Square mostly did the job in keeping me dry from the ankles up. Ankles down however was a different story. There are really only a few ways to keep yourself your shoes and the bottom of your slacks dry, the rain boot being one of them.

What are generally known as rubber rain boots here have been traditional rainy day footwear in many of the queen’s commonwealth countries, as well as the Nordic region. They were popularized as “Wellingtons” or “Wellies” by the first Duke of Wellington, and have been used in British hunting and outdoor wear ever since.

I like the green color personally (it’s the most classic color for the style), but black seems to reign most supreme in the US. I think red, or some sort of plaid print would look cool too. All I know is I would have taken hot pink, doo-doo brown, neon yellow, or just about anything this morning.

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