Man's Face Stuff's moustache wax

Just in case you haven’t noticed the the multitude of moustachioed gentlemen lurking about in DC (try Columbia Heights or H St NE if you’d like to see moustaches in the wild) then you might not know that it’s Movember.

So if your handlebars are getting out of control then try on some moustache wax from “Man’s Face Stuff” on Etsy. I keep my beard pretty short (2-setting on the trimmer) but yes it will also work on beards to keep strays at bay. If your whiskers are long enough, it’s always good practice to comb the hair down before you apply the wax for a clean-cut look (or as clean-cut as you can probably get with long facial hair).

I’ll be picking up the spruce scented wax, called the “Stiff Breeze”:


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