Talisker 10

This scotch is a winner all around! It’s extremely well balanced with hints of sweetness and of peat. It’d be perfect for a chilly autumn day, but that doesn’t mean it’d be bad in the summer. All in all, this is a great scotch for beginners who are ready to move on past the Macallan’s and Glenlivet’s and try their hand at something a little more ballsy.

To The Eye

The color is more on the gold and orange side, and a little bit of amber thrown in.

To The Nose

Apples, pears, a bit of melon, and a bit of smoke initially; then giving way to a little bit of spiciness and acidity.

To The Tongue

YUM! Initially a tad sweet and then giving way to some smoke and peat. It’s not as peaty as an Islay, but not as mellow as a Speyside either, thus making it pretty well balanced.

To The End

The finish is pretty consistent with the overall taste of the malt, and leaves you a slightly smoky/peaty aftertaste which so many of us crave.

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