3 Step Dating Approach for the D.C. Based Warrior of the Heart

Please welcome Daljit Dhami. As a guest blogger, she enlightens us with some unique and valuable strategies for the D.C. man to apply in the dating world.  Daljit loves exploring nature and building community.  She once climbed the tallest mountain in Central America and lived to tell about it.  Daljit is an Associate Counsel at Amalgamated Transit Union where she focuses on traditional labor law, representing transit workers in Canada and the United States.  She is a die-hard civil rights advocate with experience representing migrant farm-workers and victims of post 9-11 workplace discrimination.  In March 2012, she was recognized with a “Community Impact Award” by the South Asian Bar Association of Northern California.  Currently, she is serving a three year term on the Board of Directors for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.

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Washington, D.C. can be a wonderful place to meet the woman of your dreams. With a 70% single rate, and more women than men, this city is now known as the BEST for singles.  Navigating the nation’s Capital for that lucky lady is like fishing for a needle in a haystack when a man’s mindset is stuck in muck (a.k.a, negative thought).  This article provides you with a dating approach to re-energize your warrior spirit with a fresh approach to the District’s dating world.

1. THINK – Abundance, not Scarcity.

The first step is to shift your thoughts.  Operate out of a sense that there is an abundance of compatible charismatic women with the characteristics you desire.   Study the law of attraction further to help manifest the darling of D.C. that fits your dreams!  A positive perspective will cause an immediate increase in the flow of XX chromosome holders into your life.  An urban male professional well aware that HE alone is in charge of his thoughts, moods, emotions and ultimate happiness is more likely to draw a healthy minded woman into his orbit.  Works every time.  It is the basic law of attraction – in practice.

2. THINK – I am Open & Ready

The second step involves action from an open and ready standpoint.  Like a Spiritual Warrior that hides from and fears nothing, you must jump into the dating world with free-flowing energy.  What does this mean?  Body language is key and often the first impression is communicated via non-verbal means.  Always smile.  Recent scientific studies show that even the most forced of smiles reduces stress and makes you happier.  Maintaining an inviting and friendly state physically helps attracts others, especially in new settings.  Suppose you meet a woman at one of the many happy hours in D.C. or a Bipartisan Speed Dating event and there is absolutely no chemistry.  This is still your moment to shine.  Remember that the confines of the DMV are small and everybody knows everybody.  So, be your own best advocate.  This woman you just met could be the magical matchmaker that introduces you to her sister, cousin, roommate or coworker.  Be open to the possibilities and remain ready for the unexpected.

3. EXECUTE – Apply the Tools Above.

With 2012 nearing a close, the mantra of the day is “out with the old and in with the new” for the D.C. dating crew.  The final step requires executing the proper mindset and positive life force in the right setting.  Take your renewed fearless warrior spirit self out of the comfort zone of the usual happy hour and club routine.  Dog parks, the new bars at your local Whole Foods grocery store, casual fundraisers or even Bikram Yoga in Dupont Circle are all prime places for potential sparks.  There is no set locale for Cupid’s arrows to strike.  But a strategic approach targeting non-traditional scenes helps to add variety to the numbers game and the elements of chance.


If you have not already, join an online dating service or check out the next local speed dating event.  Research shows that internet dating is the 2nd most common way of starting a romantic relationship.  Over 40 million Americans use online dating services.  Cyber dating is not just for anti-social hermits but actually a viable method for meeting women.  Here are some links to facilitate your game plan:

In addition, practice your re-energized strategies at “feel good” settings like charity fundraisers and musical concerts or shows.  The feel good vibes from a charity event are easily transferable in conversation since it’s a “feel-good setting with like-minded, educated, concerned people who care about more than clubs and bars and partying,” states Ron Berkowitz, president of Berk Communications, a PR firm in New York.  Attending a charity event here and there earns you automatic altruistic points and elevates a woman’s view of you as a gentle and courageous warrior of the heart.  Events serving a good cause with good music and good eats are numero uno on the list of feel good settings.

For an immediate opportunity to apply this approach, join the Bill of Rights Defense Committee to “Party For Your Rights” this Thursday, November 29, 2012, 10:00 pm to 2:00 am at Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan with house DJs Sequoia (Mischief), vANNIEty Kills (Anniething Goes, Meso Creso, Ottomania), Raha Wala, and Vishal Kanwar (Global Groove, Meso Creso), live music from dhol percussionist Jay Kansara, $5 Jameson shots, pizza and door prizes galore.  This event combines all the ingredients necessary to foster friendly interaction:  food, good music and movement!  For more information about BORDC, or its work protecting civil rights and civil liberties from our nation’s police and intelligence agencies, call (413) 582-0110 or visit www.BORDC.org.

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