The most embarrassing style mishaps

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Nobody’s perfect… this is what’s happened to me in the past:

  • Loose tie and top shirt button showing
  • Blazer collar half popped
  • Sticker on the sole of new shoes
  • Missed shaving spot
  • Fly open

If these things ever happen to you then hopefully it was unintentional, otherwise you need to call me. Call me now.

PS: Please never, never go commando.

  1. My absolute favorite was a coworker who had tucked his nice business casual polo shirt directly into his Tommy Hilfiger boxers instead of his khakis. So just above the belt, it says TOMMY

  2. Great chart! I have ended up in the matching outfit with my date situation… so embarrassing but unavoidable unless you call them first and ask what they’re wearing! I once caught my coworker with his polo shirt completely inside out (was helpful and told him about it).

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