How to fold a pocket square

Image courtesy of Brooks Brothers
Here’s a few really basic ways to fold your pocket square. I’m a traditional folding man myself.

A few tips before you get started:

  1. Remember to cut the pocket open! Pockets generally come sewn shut in the jacket. You obviously need to cut it open before you can put the pocket square in.
  2. The pocket square you choose probably won’t be the star of the outfit, so remember to match complimentary colors and keep it simple. Or if you’re feeling bold… DON’T! Take some liberties with your pocket square once in a while to make a statement, or just to stand out from all the other guys with pocket squares. A little bit of confidence can sell just about anything.
  3. Never ever rock one of these pre-folded guys. They just look so obvious that you chose to put no effort into your look.


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How to Fold a Pocket Square from Gilt MAN on Vimeo.

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