The New Year’s Kiss: 3 Tips For Doing It Right

If there is one thing that comes to many people’s minds on New Year’s Eve, it is this: the ever-popular (or not) New Year’s Eve kiss.  According to the Washington Times, more than two thirds of Americans expect to kiss someone at midnight, so choose wisely. Depending on who it is and where you are, this is a moment that you and the person you are with will probably remember (if you’re sober or don’t do this on an every-day basis). So what kind of kiss is the most likely to leave a woman in anticipation for the next one? Here’s my take:

1. Make the first move. 

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A woman wants to feel desired. She also wants to know that you are into her and trying to win her affection. This doesn’t change as women get older or are in a relationship longer. If you hesitate, she may doubt how much you want to kiss her, which could definitely throw off her mood and interest. If you leave it up to her to go in for the kiss, she might not do it or wonder why you didn’t try.  Save both of yourselves the unnecessary confusion or frustration. There are few things sexier than a guy showing initiative and being willing to put himself out there.

2. Take your time.  Just because you are the one to kiss first, it doesn’t mean you should rush. Pause and take in the moment, her eyes, her hair, her face. It will actually enhance the experience and make it less trite. Then the experience is no longer about a “New Year’s Kiss,” because your focus is on the other person and not what day it happens to be.

3. Keep it PG(13), depending on who is around.  Unless you are enjoying New Year’s just the two of you, chances are there will be a good number of people in the room. They could be talking on the phone, texting, cheering, wanting to hug either or both of you, etc. You don’t want to isolate your date from friends and family or leave her feeling embarrassed/ self-conscious. You also don’t want her thinking you went overboard, particularly in situations where you don’t know each other well.  As much as you want to focus on the person, in most cases external distractions will keep midnight from being strictly about the two of you for any longer than a few moments.  Situational awareness with tempered passion is the mix you want to achieve. There is nothing wrong with continuing an intimate conversation, being close, cuddling, etc., but the kiss itself should not be the introduction of a mini make-out session. Take a tip from what is probably the most strategized, scrutinized, and highly viewed kiss: Prince William and the beloved Kate Middleton on their first public kiss after getting married. William has shifted his body and leaned forward, showing Kate that she has his full attention. Well, whatever attention isn’t attuned to the thousands of well-wishers and paparazzi looking on below. Of course, this is admittedly more reserved than you need to be on New Year’s Eve, but it’s still food for thought. Now that we’ve analyzed this to death, make the moment yours. You don’t need photos or tips as much as you need to know what you like and don’t like and what your date likes and doesn’t like. If you didn’t meet the person you decide to kiss until a few hours before, you’ll just have to rely on what you have sensed until that point. For better or worse, there is one thing you can be sure of: The kiss is only going to happen once. So try to make it count. If it doesn’t, there’s always next year – and every day in between. I would love to hear your thoughts! Please Share them with me:

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  1. It’s also important that the person u want to kiss is in physical proximity, and the same city actually. And also didnt catch the flu and has to start a new job on Jan 2nd BUT there’s def the rest of the year to loook forward too!!

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