The duffel coat

It’s starting to get pretty cold and windy out there. It’s getting to the point where your trusted old pea coat just isn’t gonna cut it (not to mention differentiating yourself from the hundreds of guys out there that just discovered the pea coat). That’s why January and February are two great months to be rocking the duffel coat (aka the toggle coat).

The duffel coat has a few distinct aspects about it. The most traditional colors are navy blue and camel colored, but certainly other colors and patterns exist. In place of buttons you’ve got cylindrical shaped fastenings (sometimes shaped like a large fang) and rope loops. These were designed this way because dock workers used to wear these coats, and with their big safety gloves traditional buttons were too difficult to work with. And finally on top you’ve got a hood with a strap that buttons across your neck.

Your best bet right now is this one from Uniqlo on sale for $100. Go forth and be different good sir of DC!

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