How to efficiently apply cologne

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How much is too much? The key to applying cologne that gets noticed, is to to apply surgically not liberally.

DO NOT do the thing where you spray a cloud that you walk into. That’s a total waste of good cologne. Here’s where you should be concentrating your sprays from head to toe:

1. Neck – When she’s all “I’m gonna lean in close and stuff” you can be all “Smell my neck and stuff”.

2. Chest – When she’s not leaning in, and assuming you’re taller than her she’ll still get a whiff of your man-stench (in a good way). And it may lead to #1

3. Wrists – The actual reason you put cologne on your wrists is so it spreads the smelly goodness while you swing your arms when you walk. Unless you don’t swing your arms.

4. Crotch – But only if you’re French and/or have bad hygiene. Most guys who are showering and man-scaping probably are fine without this one.

  1. Good point Monika… I never do full spurts. You can just put some on your fingers and rub it in too, to moderate how much you’re putting on. And obviously the last one was a joke 🙂

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