Hopslam: Worth The Hype

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It’s the most wonderful time of year (for beer geeks): the annual release of Bell’s Hopslam, which has already hit stores and bars in DC and VA.  Hopslam’s popularity has grown so much in DC over the last few years, that many area stores limit the quantity to one six-pack per customer and charge around $25 for that one pack.

If this seems over the top for a beer, here’s some background on what all the hype is about:  Hopslam is described by Bell’s Brewery as a double IPA.  It has the obvious hoppy bitterness you would expect from an IPA, but it is not overwhelmingly bitter.  This double IPA is extremely well balanced with floral, citrus, malt, and honey notes all coming through.  They release this beer every January in very small quantities.  Also, although it’s high alcohol at 10% ABV, this is not one for aging or cellaring.  That will ruin it, allowing other flavors to develop and destroying the balanced taste.  So, if you manage to get your hands on some, resist the urge to save it.  Enjoy it between now and July, and then wait patiently for next January.


It’s already sold out in many area stores, so the best way to get Hopslam now is to call or visit beer stores to find out if they have it or are getting it, and if they can hold it for you.  The same goes for area bars who will be tapping Hopslam this week until it runs out.   Here are some suggestions on where you might be able to find it:

Stores: Whole Foods, Arrowine, Total Wine, Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits, Weygandt Wines, Westover Market

Bars: Churchkey, Rustico, Big Hunt, Black Squirrel, Pizzeria Paradiso, RFD, Meridian Pint

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