Ardmore Traditional Cask

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Ah Ardmore… not too well known of a Scotch, but a strong Highland single malt for sure. The traditional cask is the entry level model for the distillery, but it doesn’t disappoint. I’d say in terms of taste and complexity, that intermediate level whiskey drinkers would enjoy this the most. It’s probably a little peaty for beginners, yet not as complex for whisk-o-philes.

To The Eye

A natural caramel color, with a twinge  of lighter goldishness.

To The Nose

Subtle hints of orange, banana, cherries. Also a little peat, and a little sweetness.

To The Tongue

Not a huge rush of flavor. It’s lightly sweet, and mildly peaty.

To The End

The finish is really what gets me going about this bad boy. It gets a little smokier at the end in the back of the mouth, and lingers there with a bitterness that makes you want keep drinking more, in order to get that sweetness back. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because ultimately you end up craving more whiskey!

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