Mantorii custom made shoes

Bespoke… the holy grail of manliness. Nothing says you’ve made it more than getting stuff tailored just to you. Baller alone when you’re talking about bespoke clothing… but bespoke shoes? That’s surely the creme de la creme.

But bespoke shoes can run you at least $1000 thus making them a pipe dream for most style aficionados. But not anymore… Taking a page from the Indochino business model, the guys at Mantorii have found a way to get many customizations into a semi bespoke shoe starting at $299 (goodyear welted FTW!). Some have had trepidation regarding that the shoes are crafted in Vietnam, however after reading several positive reviews I think it’s definitely worth giving a try.

First you measure:

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

Then you customize:

  • Style – Oxford, Monk strap, loafer, derby… even chukkas!
  • Leather – A comprehensive spread of different colors from pretty standard to the outlandish (chili pepper). The best part is you can choose your own color from the Pantone TPX spectrum!
  • Broguing – Detailing such as wing toes, cap toes, plain toe, etc.
  • Sole – Leather, double-leather, half rubber, full rubber… I recommend double-leather
  • Initials – Last but not least, you can put your initials into the sole!

Check out these pics from previous customer purchases on the company’s Pinterest page:

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