Filson cover cloth umbrella

Believe it or not, one of the things in my repertoire du manliness that I was the least proud of was my umbrella. I just couldn’t justify investing a lot of money into an item I don’t use all that much. Plus the number of umbrellas I’ve lost in my lifetime could probably equip the entire city of Seattle.

Now with my umbrella-related ineptitude came other consequences. Namely crappy looking umbrellas bought from CVS. Sheer embarrassment drove me away from those umbrellas to the next level of my evolution: nice looking, crappy quality umbrellas. My last crappy quality umbrella was actually bought on the street at Farragut Square on a particularly dreary day (for $10). And on a particularly even nastier day that umbrella betrayed me by turning completely inside out, thus leaving me drenched as I entered the office.

After that experience I turned over a new leaf. I needed a change in my life before my friends gave me an umbrella intervention. And I figured maybe I’ll actually care about not losing my umbrella if it’s good quality and I paid some money for it. After all, one $100 umbrella is the same as buying ten crappy $10 umbrellas that break or get lost anyway.

So after extensive research I came along Filson’s cover cloth umbrella. This thing is sturdy, simple and classic in design, and has some real water-repelling chops due to its oil-finished canvas fabric. So far no embarrassing inside-out moments, while keeping me nice and dry… Not to mention it’s a damn good looking umbrella. I’m very happy with my purchase, and no I haven’t lost it yet.

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