Titan multi-tool collar stays

Nothing like a good collar stay to prevent your collars from their flacid state (it happens when you get older… I of course meant for the shirt not you). Let’s face it, those plastic ones that come in your shirt really suck. There’s plenty of stainless steel alternatives out there, so how can you improve upon something pretty simple and single-minded? Well you add multiple tools to it of course! These titanium (stiffer than stainless steel!) collar stays from Titan provide you with 4 different tools:

  • Half-phillips screwdriver
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Thread cutter
  • Bottle opener

A bottle opener in your collar? How much more dapper can you be when you’re wearing a killer tailored shirt at a party and someone needs a bottle opener (which you can never find when you need one)? You lift up your collar, pull one of these guys out, next thing you know you’ve got a conversation going. You’re all of a sudden the go-to guy for all things sartorial and geeky. What a world we live in.

A little pricey at $50, but you can get just one pair if you want for $30.

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