Wurkin Stiffs polo collar stays

It’s almost POLO SEASON! There’s always healthy debate every year about who makes the best polos considering colors, fit, build quality, etc. But what always seems to be common between all the brands is the collars eventually wilt and curl, thus making the polo look old and worn.

But you know we’ve got you covered here at MLDC for all of life’s little annoyances (i.e. first world problems). These polo collar stays from Wurkin Stiffs are here to make your collars look as good as new. You get four pairs of them for $35… much cheaper than buying a new polo.

The directions from the good people at geekalerts.com… Simply attach the stay below the collar, and place the super-strong magnet inside your polo. They’ll stay attached all day and do great to keep your collar in place.

For this reason (and the fact that it screams d-bag), gentlemen: DO NOT POP YOUR COLLAR!

Image courtesy of geekalerts.com

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