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You know what one of the most painful days of the year is? The day after St. Patrick’s day. Another such painful day, is any day that I have to buy blades for my Gillette Fusion razor. That ish is EXPENSIVE! It’s $40 for 12 blades through Amazon (over $3 per blade). So any way I can save on razor blades is worth giving a try.

So when I saw Harry’s shaving products it was pretty exciting. <Aside…> Am I like my parents now? I get excited about deals and saving money? <end aside> Harry’s offers two different razors (the more minimal Truman for $10 but you can choose from multiple colors, and the sleek Aluminum Winston for $20), a shaving cream for $8 (not bad), and razor blades for $2 or less (CHA CHING!). Damn good prices for German engineered products.

Where you save the most though is on the sets. The Truman set is $15 (only $5 more than just the razor) and you get the razor, 3 blades, and a tube of the shaving cream. The Winston set goes for $25 (again only $5 more than just the razor) and you get the the razor plus the same package as the Truman: 3 blades, and a tube of shaving cream.

One thing to note… Even though the blades look pretty much exactly like Gillette Fusion blades, they are proprietary to only Harry’s razors. So I’ll be using up my inventory of Fusion blades before I make a long-term purchase from Harry’s.

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