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vincentWe’ve all been there before. It’s Friday at 10 PM – you’re exhausted, but you want to go out. You want to have a drink, but you also need a nice hit of caffeine and you’re trying really hard not to be that dude who chugs a Red Bull to be awake for the rest of the night, tomorrow morning, and likely tomorrow afternoon. Yes, you’re also clearly a mess, but that’s a different blog post (and, well, a different blog).

Meet, Vincent Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka. This stuff tastes GOOD. Of course, if you hate coffee or espresso, go away, but if the named peaked your attention, read on. Double Espresso is naturally infused with Columbian coffee beans and a touch of burnt sugar and caramel for sweetness. My sipping method of choice – pour over some classy cubes (for real, using this tray) and do nothing else. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you’ll see what I’m talking about with your first sip –  the ice will dilute the liquor perfectly. However if you must mix, a splash of cream will cut the strong taste quite well.

Now despite this rave review, you still may question the wisdom of drinking a caffeine-infused liquor, especially without a mixer – but, as you know, this blog is all about sophistication, and there are few things more cultured than drinking out of a bottle that refers to a post-Impressionist painter. Compare that to the alternative of two incredibly angry bulls ramming their heads against each other. But fine, I’ll concede, perhaps the strong caffeine hit before a night out isn’t the best idea – then again, think harder about the guy it’s named after, and there’s no claim to sanity here.

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