Vintage 9 pomade


Hands down the best pomade that I’ve ever tried. This stuff’s got a great sheen to it, and it has the right amount of hold that you’d expect for a pomade. But what really makes it stand out is the scent! One thing I hate about just about all the hair products I’ve used in the past is how fake (and often chemically) it smells. Even when the scent is pleasant, it still usually smells fake in some way. Vintage 9’s scent is completely natural smelling. It’s an incredibly spicy and masculine aroma that I’d say mostly smells like cedar. It’s pretty darn cool that it’s made with beeswax too.

Best of all… the company (Soapbox Gypsy) is DC-area based! Support awesome DC area products! Check out some of their other cool products on their Etsy page.

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