Allegory pens

I gotta say, these are some badass looking pens. And what’s really cool about them is that they’ve got a story to tell based on the wood they’re crafted from. None of Allegory’s pens are created from trees dedicated to the pen itself. In other words, all the woods are reclaimed from existing materials out on the market already. Check out all of the cool backgrounds of the woods they use.

And they even plant a tree for every few pens they sell. Talk about paying it back!

My personal favorite is the Mogul for $75, mainly because it has a touchscreen stylus built into it. Not sure I’d ever use the touchscreen stylus, but if you’ve been reading this blog at all you know I’m definitely one for the novelty of certain things. Things you can talk about, whether it’s because of their story or because of a built in stylus, really make the mark for me because you can… talk about them! Go forth and be social!

And hey if you don’t like any of their current designs you can even commission your own custom pen where you can select from a private stock of wood, provide your own wood, and shape the pen to your heart’s content.

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