Omega Speeedmaster (aka the moon-watch)

You may not be able to travel to the moon on your current salary (or can you?), but you can do the next best thing. The Omega Speedmaster has the reputation of being the very first watch worn on the surface of the moon by a fellow watch connoisseur Buzz Aldrin. No, the Speedmaster certainly didn’t aid in flying Apollo 11, landing the craft on the moon’s surface, or getting them back home safely… But hey, it came back from the moon working in one piece and that’s more than I can say for my watches.

History aside, file the Speedmaster under the racing watch category (and probably the most timeless, classic looking one at that). And like other racing watches, pair this up with jeans for a casual look or go as far as semi-formal at weddings. It’s not a super-formal watch so go with something more classic (like the Cartier Tank watch) for black tie events.

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