Yup, yet another “of the month club”. But hey I’m not complaining! This one is quite possibly the most useful of them all. You know how you want to try out grooming products that pop up in GQ, Details, or other man-periodicals? Well now you don’t have to drop the all that money on the regular size product because Birchbox has many different kinds of samples you can purchase. Now the box of the month club sends you various samples for you to try out… for $20. That’s a pretty good deal.

On the down side, they don’t have the opt-out option like Bespoke Post. So if you see stuff you don’t like you’re stuck with it. But at $20 it’s not bad because you’re finding out about a ton of products at once. They also do send you somewhat random things from time to time. For instance in their June box they sent some folding sunglasses, and in their May box they sent a wireless speaker. Random, yet somewhat useful, and remember that’s with all the other stuff… so for your $20 you’re getting a pretty good deal. Feel free to use my referral link!


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