Birchbox August 2013 review



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Bálla Powder – WIN! I currently deodorize in many ways, shapes, and forms however powder isn’t one of them (unless it’s foot powder for going sockless). But I have to say, I can really see myself using this to run some control on my man-stench. Especially around my “Bálla” area.

PLANT Face Oil – MEH. I mean it’s face oil and it works just fine, but it smells strongly of turmeric and orange. It makes me want to cook with it, not put it on my face.

Roosevelt Supply Canvas Apron – WIN! This is a man’s apron. “Ultradurable canvas, tough nickel rivets, and leather detailing ensure you’ll grow tired of cooking before the apron is worn out.”

English Laundry Arrogant Eau de Toilette – FAIL! This cologne is just light and old school smelling for my tastes. Maybe a good present for Dad? Or Grandpa?

Billy Jealousy Liquidsand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser – MEH. Again, it works fine as an exfoliant and cleanser, just that its scent is just pretty blah.


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