Silk knot cufflinks

Yet another way to add color to an otherwise 50 shades of gray outfit… the silk knot cufflink! These are super-cheap, come in a variety of colors, and are a great way to utilize your french cuff shirts that you don’t use otherwise. And hey if you lose them, who cares? They’re pretty cheap to begin with (this set of 10 costs $20 on Amazon).

On a side note, if you do intend to wear a lot of cufflinks and you get your shirts tailored like mine, then you may want to ask your tailor for convertible cuffs. They look like regular cuffs when you button them up normally, but they have an extra hole next to the button so you can put cufflinks through both sides of the cuff. Boom! No more shirts languishing in the closet until your next French cuff worthy party.

Another side note… do French people only wear French cuffs? Mental note: must go to French embassy and observe.

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