This ain't your daddy's tuxedo rental


Ah this service makes me reminisce about prom and how terrible my tuxedo was. Like everybody else in my high school my tuxedo rental came from that place by the mall. Ill fitting sizes? Yes please. Cummerbund? Sure. The smell of the last guy that wore it? Definitely.

Well I hate to break it to the small business owner of said tuxedo rental shop, but I think we’ve got a game changer here. The Black Tux actually uses fine fabrics (Super 150’s Merino wool), slim fits, higher quality shoes, and lower prices (starting at $95). You take your measurements, order online, and the tux will arrive (shipping is free) a week before your event. You send it back afterwards (also free shipping).

In addition to the tux you can add other items on such as a vest, cufflinks, buttons, shirt, bow tie, shoes, belt, or suspenders. Check out their collection here.

Time for another inauguration party yet?

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