Dollar Shave Club

Well not much for me to write on this post since the sign says it all. At its core Dollar Shave Club‘s value prop is simple: If you spend more than $9 per month on your razor blades then DSC can save you money. But it actually goes deeper than that because if you’re one of the millions of guys who doesn’t replace your blade regularly and in a timely manner then you’re probably not getting the best shave possible. By getting a blade in the mail, you have a regular reminder to do so!

Here’s how it works.

  1. You sign up, for which you get a free handle for your blades
  2. You decide on what type of blade you want (options range between $1/month to $9/month)
  3. You get between 4 and 5 blades each month (depending on which one you chose).

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It’s that simple.

If you’re using something like the Gillette Fusion right now then the “Executive” plan for $9/month would be the most similar.

And hey if you’re looking to drop some racks just for the fun of it, there’s this. No more description needed here.

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