How GQ are you? [HGQRU]

Let’s face it… GQ style isn’t for everyone. I hold a special place in my heart for GQ magazine because this was my first real resource for men’s fashion. Back in 2003 when I started looking around me and I woke up realizing that looking good could be a tool for getting ahead, there weren’t many outlets besides magazines that I could learn much from. Nowadays I have plenty of blogs to follow, plenty of storefronts around me to peer into, and plenty of ads from J Crew, Banana Republic, and the like to spam my inbox. I kinda grew up on GQ, so I like most of their looks.

And if you feel the same way about GQ and their general sense of style and want to know how you fare (and if you don’t mind being judged by thousands of users) then go check out “How GQ Are You?“. Basically it’s kinda like good ol’ You post a pic of yourself looking as dapper as can be and then you expose your proverbial back-side to let others judge whether you’re a Yes, No, or Almost. Ultimately you get a score of how you’re doing.

Is it useful? Not very. It’s basically, well just like You just do it for validation… or humiliation. But you can check out some cool looks from other dudes, almost like pinterest for GQ. And it does great at killing time… a lot of time.


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