Dumb Labor Day rules

You may have heard the ol’ rule about not wearing white after Labor Day. Well, I say poppycock! Poppycock I say! The origins of this rule are quite dubious, and in this day and age (and especially in DC) quite irrelevant. I can’t argue with the intentions of the rule… You shouldn’t be wearing warm-weather clothing during cold-weather months. For most anyone living in the US, (again especially in DC where it was 86 degrees F today) it’s still warm. When it gets colder you’ll probably start wearing clothes that don’t have bright summery colors on them anyway (i.e. corduroys, flannels, etc). But just because one day of the year passes doesn’t mean you should start breaking out your parka.

So the next time someone turns up their nose at you for wearing white after Labor Day, just go right up to their faces and scream “poppycock”!

Disclaimer: Mens Life DC claims no liability if you choose to provocatively shout poppycock in someone’s face. Shout at your own risk.

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