Dish Whiskey from Archer

Woot woot! This is our 300th post!!! Go MLDC, go MLDC, go!

We’ve brought you other cool products from Archer before, like their spray air fresheners, but this one’s a little out there and I gotta tell you I love it.

I’ve never wanted to do my dishes so much as right now. “Why?” you ask… Well this stuff is “16 ounces of barrel-aged, charcoal-filtered, whiskey-inspired sink soap. You know how cowboys used whiskey to clean their bullet wounds? Same concept.”

I’m currently using Caldrea’s lavender-pine scented dish soap which really is good stuff, but it’s no whiskey soap.

Oh whiskey… as if you didn’t do enough to make me a happy, hairy-chested, red-blooded American man.

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