Birchbox October 2013 review

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Solid box this month!

Quirky Upwrite – WIN! And a surprising win at that. No question that this is a total first world luxury, but now that I got my fancy (and massive) Galaxy Note 2 this is gonna be a big winner.

EVOLUTIONMAN Cleanse & Shave – WIN! It’s gotta great citrusy, nutty, buttery scent to it. It doubles as face wash and lubricant to shave. What’s not to like???

Cartier Declaration Essence – WIN! It’s woody, fresh scent (which I generally like) but as many colognes come off (to me at least) it’s a tad on the old-manish side. This one reminds me of one of my favorite uncles (which is nice), but he’s definitely an old man now. I will say that the base woody base note in the scent stays for a while and gets more intriguing as time goes on. Also to note, it is definitely a strong scent so use sparingly.

Billy Jealousy Liquidsand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser – MEH. It works fine as an exfoliant and cleanser, just that its scent is just pretty blah. But WTF, they already sent this to me a couple of months ago! Downgrade to FAIL.

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