Burt's Bees all natural body wash for men

I’m making the switch to all natural products for my everyday products. Why you ask… well it’s because of these nasty little buggers called phthalates (pronounced tha-layts, duh). They’re these chemicals with really long formulas kind like Di(2-propylheptyl) phthalate i.e. C6H4[COOCH2CH(CH2CH2CH3)(CH2)4CH3]2. That’s not exactly something you want to put your mini-me. While phthalates are common in many things around us, prolonged exposure is suspected to possibly cause cancer. I figure it’s probably safer not to slather it all over my body.

And on that note… Burt’s Bees natural body wash for men. Really nice scent, and why wouldn’t it be because it’s “made from a natural cleansing complex chock full of Coconut and Sunflower Oils to cleanse, Citrus, Cypress and Fir Oils to energize and Soy Proteins to moisturize”. One thing to note though, is that it’s kinda thinner than most other body washes I’ve used so it doesn’t lather as much. That can be frustrating, but I’ll have to keep an eye on how quickly I go through this bottle compared to previous body washes I’ve used.

It’s also pretty inexpensive at $8 but shipping from the web site adds $5. Alternatively, Nordstrom Rack in Friendship Heights actually has a whole display dedicated to Burt’s Bees products including other BB products I’ll be trying such as deodorant, lotion, etc.


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