Birchbox December 2013 Review

Very disappointing box this month. Way to ruin my holidays Birchbox!

English Laundry Arrogant shower gel – FAIL. Smells like your average hotel soap.

English Laundry Notting Hill fragrance – FAIL. Smells like your generic CVS brand cologne. Seeing a pattern with this English Laundry stuff?

Proraso liquid aftershave cream – FAIL. Smells just like your grandpa’s shaving products of yore and yesteryear. Not my thing.

Supersmile ultimate lip treatment – FAIL. No scent at all and had my lips feeling kinda oily.

Roosevelt Supply knit watchman’s hat – MEH. Nice and warm enough, and well constructed… but it kinda looks like something you’d wear during a burglary rather than out and about. I guess you could pair it with a black leather jacket and look kinda badass.

La Fresh travel lite shoe shine wipes – MEH. These are basically glorified wet-naps. But I suppose even that serves its purpose to do a quick cleaning of dust and dirt on your leather shoes.

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  1. Ha! I already finished the Notting Hill cologne (got it in last month’s box) and was thinking about buying another one! I guess it’s better than my usual fragrance of fried garlic, onions, and engineer sweat. I got the same hat and am planning to wear it when burgling cars and knockout-punching strangers in Columbia Heights

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